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The International Delphic Council (IDC) is the Highest Authority of all matters of the Delphic Games, Youth Delphic Games and Delphiads.

The main purpose of the worldwide, non-governmental, non-profit organisation is the reintroduction of the Delphic Games and the introduction of Youth Delphic Games and Delphiads.

• 1994, Berlin, Germany

• 100 years after the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

• 1600 years after the ban of the Olympic and Delphic Games

• by 67 Personalities of 20 countries and 5 continents

• Setup of a worldwide Network for arts, cultures and education containing:

• Membership of countries – National Delphic Councils

• Membership of Regions – Regional Delphic Clubs

• Individual Membership – Local Members

• Youth Delphic Games – Participants below 25 years; every four years
• Delphic Games – participants above 25 years, every four years
• Delphiads – The Games between the Games
• Delphic Education Movie Award – Short Film Competion, 10 min, 20 min.

• Our “Product” was successful for about 1000 years,

• is called the “Delphic Games” for arts, cultures and education,

• is considered as sister of the Olympic Games – for the arts,

• was banned 394 BC – as heathen Games,

• revived 1600 years after the ban 1994,

• is tested successfully for more than 20 years,

• is a goldmine some people say for arts, cultures and education,

• is ready for Participants, Global Players, Investors for the next 1000 years.

“If only one person has a dream, it will remain a dream. If many people dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality.”
(Dom Helder Camara, 1909 – 1999)

“It is in this spirit, that the ancient Greeks organised the original Delphic Games, and it is also in this spirit that the International Delphic Council decided to relaunch the Games. I would like to salute this initiative very warmly The Second Delphic World Congress and the First Junior Delphics, which are held in Tbilisi this year, are an impressive achievement. I am convinved that, thanks to the enthusiasm of all participants – old and youg, artists and spectators – they will be crowed with success”

Prof. Dr. Daniel Tarschys
Secretary General of the European Council

“I can think of no model more worthy of emulation than the Greek. They placed the refinement of body, mind, and spirit on one invisible altar to life. This trinity must be revered and cultivated. It is a feature of our own world than we have divided and subdivided continually the whole into its specific component parts and have often lost the binding unity to which this specific function is attached. There is a mutual independence between the whole to its parts and parts to the whole; we must never lose sight of either. I applaud your new impulses and your targets.”

Lord Yehudi MENUHIN, OM, KBE
Violinist and Conductor,
April 1997

“It’s a moving moment to state, that the “continuously talking water” of the Kastalian spring did not stop flowing and that there are still people sensitive to hearing it.”

Konstantinos Lefas
Mayor of Delphi, Greece,
December 1994