The Amphictyony (Executive Directors) has discussed the application by Syracuse / New York as host of the V Junior Delphic Games 2015. “This bid is based on the desire to make a statement to the world that there is nothing more important that we can give to our children and society as a whole; than to elevate the stature of Arts, Culture, Technology, and a Life Long Love of Education to that which we have perfected in athletics. Of equal importance we take the lead for the United States in America to extend a laurel branch of peace and harmony to the entire world via the Delphic Games as the purest expression of friendship, respect and equity.” (extract from the Syracuse Bid-Presentation) Michele Tarnow representative of Americas’ Regional Delphic Council, is pretty sure that the games will meet the expectations of their hosts. Photo: Participants of the Delphic Games Summit 2013 on excursion in Delphi, photo by Sabine Sperl – Delphic Media