Nominated 2011: THE MYTHOLOGY OF ARANMULA METAL MIRROR, Venu Nair / Visile TV Professionals, India

Nominated 2011: BILL VIOLA - FIVE ANGELS FOR THE MILENNIUM, Ralph Goertz / IKS, Germany

Winner 2011: GET LUDER, Director: Jonathan Carr, Producer: Chris Marks, Plainview Films, United Kingdom

Nominated 2011: VIOLINAS, Sean Solowiej, USA

Nominated 2011: THE WAVE, Santanu Halder, Bangladesh

Nominated 2011: KYLE KINSER: MADE IN MAKANDA, Wonjung Bae, USA

Nominated 2011: CANDIDA H÷FER, Ralph Goertz / IKS, Germany

Winner 2011: MENARI - The Sound of Korea, Kim Jeong-gil, South Korea

Nominated 2011: DOC TALK - RESOLVED, Barry Rubinow, Jimmy Holcomb - Producers / USA,

Winner 2011: EXOTICA, Sergio Cruz, Portugal / United Kingdom

Winner 2011: ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE - SHAPES, Ralph Goertz / IKS, Germany

Nominated 2011: DOC TALK - VIEWS ON VERMEER, Barry Rubinow - Producer / USA,

Nominated 2011: DIPLO, Wing-Yee Wu, Sweden

Nominated 2011: 3 TAKES: BC ARTISTS / BC DIRECTORS, Canada, Directors: J. Strom, K. Eastwood, J. Bolton

Winner 2011: FOR GODS ONLY, Hannes Schmid, Switzerland

Nominated 2011: BEHIND THE WALL: THE BATTLE FOR LA'S MURALS, United Kingdom

Nominated 2011: LA PO…SIE DE L'EXACTITUDE, Alan Govenar, USA

Winner 2011: SPRING IN TRESKOLIE, Olga Kornienko, Russia

Winner 2011: DOC TALK - A DRUMMER'S DREAM, B. Rubinow, Producer / USA,

Nominated 2011: JAMES TURRELL - SKY SPACE, Ralph Goertz / IKS, Germany

Nominated 2011: SYMPHONY FROM THE ATTIC, Laszlo Krisko, Hungary

Winner 2011: MADE IN CHINA, USA / China, Javier Roberto Carlos, Andy Hu, Hart Perez

Nominated 2011: JOURNEY INTO THE OPEN, Direction & Production: Severin Vogl und Felix Hentschel, Germany

Nominated 2011: DOC TALK - BEYOND THE STEPS, Barry Rubinow - Producer,

The International Delphic Council is organizing the Delphic Art Movie Award.

The winners of the Delphic Art Movie Award 2011 which were chosen by the jury were announced at the grand finale of the ITB Berlin on March 13th, 2011:

GET LUDER, United Kingdom / Scottland, Director: Jonathan Carr, Producer: Chris Marks, Plainview Films MENARI - Sound of Korea, South Korea, Kim Jeong-Gil / Producer EXOTICA, Portugal, Sergio Cruz / Director Special Prize - Protection of Intangible Heritage FOR GODS ONLY, Switzerland, Hannes Schmid
SPRING IN TRESKOLIE, Russia, Olga Kornienko MADE IN CHINA, USA / China, Javier Roberto Carlos / Director, Producer, Andy Hu / Producer, Hart Perez / Writer ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE - SHAPES, Germany, Ralph Goertz / IKS Special Prize - Documentary Format TV Series DOC-TALK represented by: Doc Talk - A Drummer's Dream / USA with John Walker, Director of A Drummer's Dream, B. Rubinow - Producer, Mark McLaughlin, Curt Paine - Associate Producers

Here >>  see the nominees. 24 films were nominated for the Delphic Art Movie Award 2011.

Award Ceremony on March 13th, 2011
Here >> see impressions from the award ceremony

The contest for the Delphic Art Movie Award is hosted by the International Delphic Council and shows short documentaries (max. duration: 10 min) about the fascination of arts and cultures.

Two aspects are equally important: 1) contemporary art and its protagonists 2) the preservation of cultural heritage. Important questions are: How can the understanding of contemporary art be encouraged? In which way is cultural heritage preserved and passed on?

To convey the fascination, which emanates from art and connected to it the creative process is the special challenge of the contest. Besides artistic achievements, also social cultural aspects can come to the fore.

The contest's framework is set by six categories and their disciplines, which represent contemporary or traditional aspects.

Acoustic Arts, Performing Arts, Lingual Arts, Visual Arts, Social Arts and Ecological Arts.

The films should document, inform and inspire. In addition, the films should be able to get a large audience, which isn't informed over-average, enthusiastic about art and culture in their manifold manifestations. Every artistic field is included, from the contemporary avant-garde to the preservation of traditions and the cultural heritage. Also welcome are short versions of full length documentaries!

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