What is the Delphic Art Wall Project?
A unique platform to get School Children from around the world to present their artistic expressions on canvas on what they perceive Arts and Cultures to be, in an ambience designed to be fun.

These canvases will be eventually stitched together to make the world’s longest and visually stunning Art Wall – a statement of human emotions and perceptions. The Delphic Art Wall Project will make its presence the first time at the next Delphic Games. In the true spirit of the modern times, the communication and outreach will be through the social media, using the best techniques to reach out to specific geographic locations and communities in their languages, through their sensibilities and letting the viral nature of the communication take over. The Delphic Art Wall Project is an initiative of the International Delphic Council – a not for profit, non-political and non-sectarian organization initiated to foster feelings of cultural understanding by connecting individuals all over the world through the only Common Floor for Arts and Cultures – the Delphic Games. The Delphic Games are historically a peace creating competition of the arts. They took place for about 1000 years in ancient Greece one year prior to the Olympic Games. Six month before the beginning of the Games the organizers proclaimed the Delphic Peace Accord. Thereby, Delphi became the neural crossroads for solving conflicts.

Who is it for ?
School Students

They will be given a unique national and international forum to express their feelings on canvas and socialize with friends and make new friends, interact on discussions pertaining to their culture and that of others, thereby adding a new dimension to their own personalities.


A unique way of testing artistic skills of their students and understanding them through their unique expressions, as much as expressing themselves as leaders.


A unique worldwide forum to be known as sensitive to the Arts & Cultures with an International outlook, therefore producing future leaders with the right temperament for continuity and progress.

Local Audiences

An interesting platform of interaction with their own community and encourage youngsters through dialogues with them and add to the overall social and art canvas, while learning about what is happening around the world.

Municipality, Region, Country

A unique motivation for arts, culture and social, political participation and its branding possibilities that can spawn interest in local tourism, local artisans and other specialties the place has to offer.


A unique platform for Corporate and Institutional Sponsors and entities to promote their Values, Corporate Social Responsibilities as much as fund the overall project in return for digital and physical media and intangible benefits of association with an Idea whose time has come.

What can we achieve?
The Delphic Art Wall project brings together societies through their younger generations – the true barometer of values.

♦ It brings together stake holders in our Society and Governments who help in shaping future citizens and makes them aware of the need to keep the continuity.

♦ It not only allows one to express on the wall, it helps one see expressions of people from other cultures through other’s expressions on the same wall.

♦ It helps one to know their own Nation’s treasures and how their Arts have evolved and what their Culture stands for.

♦ It helps to highlight what other cultures are doing to conserve traditions and adding value to them.

♦ It brings about a sense of belonging. The kind that is needed in largely fragmented societies.

♦ It helps to know how ancient wisdom is relevant to the modern world and why they should be proud of being an ambassador of their own Culture, however attractive the others may be.

♦ It helps Delphic Games and the Delphic Ideas to get a continuous promotional platform, thus raising recall value and thus attracting benefactors, sponsors and other forms of support.

What is the Theme?
The origin of the Delphic Games is in Delphi, Greece and the Castalian Springs holds the key to the Spiritual Significance of the Oracle that has made a profound impact on the world at large. Its water signifies purity, timelessness, continuity and adaptability. Values that is intrinsic to human perseverance and growth.

Water is of highest spiritual importance, is the most valuable spring of life. In the modern times, climatic and geological changes along with unplanned development of urban dwellings have made water a luxury in many parts of our Mother Earth. Water is the single most important source of Life for mankind and its depletion is a cause of concern. Unless we sensitize people of the need to find sustainability, this will be a major cause for extinction of water bodies and therefore forest cover, agriculture, cattle and relevant sources of Livelihood for mankind.

We intend highlighting this as the single most important concern for the world above all else and the theme will allow young minds to express their own ideas of how water holds the key to Life. This said, the young ones are free to express anything in realm of what their impression is about the world Cultures and Arts that they know of, OR their thoughts in the form of what they think they want to do to make things better.

Our History

The Delphic Art Wall Project has covered over 100 schools in Hyderabad, and has received more than 2000 art works.

The Schools volunteered to get students together and pour pout their expressions.

All government, private, public and international schools alike were approached and had submitted artworks for the art wall.

It fostered a spirit of one-ness amongst students and others within their own City – hitherto were not aware of each other.