The Delphic Games are much more than merely a culture-event. They are nurtured by a profound philosophical and spiritual source which can be called the Delphic Spirit. Dr. Christoph Quarch, a German philosopher and partner of the International Delphic Council, describes the key-features of the Delphic Spirit and argues on why we urgently need it in our troubled times.Delphi is the cradle of Europe. It is the source of European virtues and values. It is the origin of western civilization. Today, as we face a severe crisis of Europe and western culture, there is an urgent need to remember the Delphic Spirit. By reconnecting with the roots of its civilization Europe will have the chance to renew itself and to face the challenges of the 21st century in a proper way. Without any knowledge about our heritage Europe is in danger to go astray…”Please read more.