Helmut Schmidt, former German Chancellor, has been awarded with the title “HOMO HELLENICUS 2012”.>> J. Christian B. Kirsch, Secretary General of the IDC, handed the award over to Mr. Schmidt on October 30, 2012 in Berlin after having taken the award on behalf of Mr. Schmidt at the Awarding Ceremony on July 14, 2012 in Delphi. The title awarded since 2005 annually by “Delphiki Idea”, an initiative of the National and Kapodistrias University Athens, is ascribed to persons who by their lives and actions contribute to the spread and propagation of the values of Hellenism. “I am deeply honoured by the intention to present to me the “Homo Hellenicus Award””, Dr. Helmut Schmidt wrote in his letter to the University of Athens. >> “The Hellenic culture and the achievements of ancient Greece are crucial foundations of the European civilisation. With declining global influence of the European national states, we now face the imperative to further enhance and strengthen the process of European integrations.”