IDC in mourning for Nelson Mandela With the death of Nelson Mandela the world has lost one of the most charismatic personalities of our time. The IDC grieves about its Delphic Ambassador for the Youth. The relentless fighter against suppression and the outstanding politician Nelson Mandela has changed Africa. His vision of a reconciled South Africa has inspired and thrilled people. During his entire political career Mandela cherished a close relationship to traditional African music and revered the culture of his people. The IDC bows to the lifework of a man who was fondly called “Madiba” by his countrymen, no matter what colour of skin they were. A legend during his lifetime, respected by the whole world, has gone from us. Photo: Nelson Mandela – former President of South Africa, awarded with the Peace Nobel Prize 1993, Delphic Ambassador for Youth and Prof. Dr. Sibusiso M.E. Bengu, former Minister for Education in South Africa, former Ambassador of South Africa to Germany and Member of the Amphictyony