What is our mission ?
  • Art, culture and education are a beautiful expression of modern creations and an integral asset of our identity, creativity and progress.
  • Art can build strong bridges to connect nations and contribute towards a peaceful living environment.
  • Art and culture also have the ability to blossom one’s existence and answer vital questions like who am I, where did I come from and where do I go? The solutions help in building a powerful identity and give a futuristic pathway in this global world.
What is our vision?
  • Just like the Olympic Games for sports, Delphic Games aspires to unite nations and cultures across the globe through a common fascination for arts.
  • To create a platform for people of all ages and nationalities that gives access to art and culture while creating a base for emotional understanding amongst each other.
What are the Delphic Games?

In ancient Greece, Delphic Games were conducted one year before the Olympic Games for nearly 1000 years until both the games were banned as heathen Games in 394 B.C. Delphic Games for arts and culture were finally revived in the year 1994 in Berlin, 1600 years after the ban, by the founding of the International Delphic Council (IDC). 77 representatives from 20 nations formed the IDC to begin the Delphic Games of the Modern Era. Ever since, the Delphic Games and Junior Delphic are conducted within every four years, two years apart.

Who is benefiting ?

Artists – a unique national and international forum to present their arts and culture

Teachers – a unique way of testing artistic skills of students and to compare education methods and results around the world

Art Federations – a unique worldwide forum for interdisciplinary artistic disciplines at intercultural level in virtue of competitions, presentations and exhibitions

Audience – a unique active and transparent participation system

Regions, Countries, Cities – a unique motivation for arts, culture and social, political participation and its “branding” possibilities.

Economy – a unique podium and worldwide marketing platform with transparent investor and sponsoring opportunity, especially in worldwide media and entertainment sector.

What is the aim?
  • To inculcate a fascination for art and culture by integrating it with our routine lives
  • To transform social behaviour by generating a strong awareness and respect for other cultures
  • To connect art and culture with people in a way that it becomes an essential part of our lifelong learning
How is it happening?
  • National Contest – organized by the National Delphic Council (NDC)
  • International Games – organized by the International Delphic Council (IDC) together with the NDC