National Delphic Council (NDC)

National Delphic Council (NDC) – Full Member

The basic principles for the founding of a National Delphic Council (NDC) are the Statutes and Bye-Laws of the International Delphic Council. The respective extracts are reflected in the “How to become a Delphic Member” Guideline containing Rights and Obligations. Based on this principle the following way for membership in the IDC is granted:

Honoured and well-known public personalities of the respective country are founding – according national law – a National Delphic Council (NDC). The procedure to found a NDC could / should be carried out in following steps:

  • Research for a highly honoured and well-known Founding-Personality related to Arts, Culture, Youth, Politics, Education, Economy, and / or Tourism, able to invite successfully the decision makers of the country.
  • At this Information-Meeting those personalities should be present which would be interested to participate as founding member of the NDC. The success of a future NDC is directly depending on the acceptance within the society and the far-sighted “Founding mothers and fathers”.
  • The founding of a National Delphic Council (NDC) should be established in that a structure which allows an organic growth and a national expenditure within a country.
  • The implementation of a NDC as public benefit Non-Governmental organisation (NGO) has to be carried out carefully, according the IDC Statutes properly registered according national legal requirements.
  • After registration of the National Delphic Council (NDC) a certified set of documents by a notary, i.e. statutes, registration, as well as the founding protocol (translated into English) has to be forwarded to the IDC.
  • After the reception of the documents they will be reviewed by the IDC and the official membership announced – as far as no objections are considered.

The most significant Rights and Obligations are stated in the IDC Statutes and the IDC Bye-Laws, i.e. to acknowledge the International Delphic Council as highest Authority, to participate in the Delphic Games / Junior Delphic Games every two years and its Membership Sessions, participation in Commissions and meetings as well the payment of the symbolic Membership fee.