The game’s take place as per the guidelines set by the International Delphic Council (IDC) in 1994, Berlin. Game hosts can be cities or regions that bid with the National Delphic Council or form a Bidding or Organising Committee.

The Jury
Arts Commission
Games Commission
Education Program

The Education-Program will be carried by the International Delphic Academy as the highest scientific authority. The education program contains of artist forums, Talk rounds scientific research results and discussions as well as Gala-Shows. Artistic presentations and contributions are not part of judging and evaluation. Forms of Presentations are:

  • – Symposiums
  • – Seminars
  • – Lectures
  • – Master Classes

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Optional Games Initiatives

Delphic Theatre
In order to create a sustainable platform for idea and movement of the Delphic Game’s, the established Delphic Theatre continues to share its stories in a creative and cultural manner.
Just like religious societies celebrate in special gathering places, and sports have their stadiums as symbols of unity; the theatre is an integrated home for arts, culture and education. It reflects the sustainable strategy to support artistic and human skills around the world.

Delphic Park

The Delphic Theatre could / should be surrounded with a Delphic Park in an ecological environment were sculptures of artists attending the Game’s might leave their artwork behind giving international flair and recreation to body and mind.