Regional Delphic Club (RDC)

Regional Delphic Club (RDC) – Associated Members

Regional Delphic Clubs or ‘Designated Delphic Clubs’, duly organized as nonprofit or not for profit, non-governmental, governmental and educational organizations in which the majority of members are individuals, which

  • are established on a city, province or regional basis
  • have the status of legal persons or entities, whether new or existing, in their respective legal jurisdictions within countries recognized by the United Nations Organization (UNO), but which countries do not have a National Delphic Council (NDC) recognized by the IDC of which the Delphic Club may become a member;
  • have guiding principles, purposes, activities, charter, by-laws, statutes and/or government mandate or commission or other governmental document of creation and authorization if such organization is a government agency or legal instrument of a government body, which are, in the sole opinion of the Executive Board of the IDC, supportive of and compatible with the principles, purposes, goals and activities of the IDC and its Charter and By-Laws;
  • are active organizations
  • which Clubs may be composed of individuals and/or organizations associated by common cultural interests, or geographical membership in which membership is open to groups and individuals representing all cultures and ethnic groups within their specific membership area.
  • Such groups must have the minimum number of legal entity and individual members required for either: (a) admission to direct membership in the IDC as a Regional Delphic Club or ‘Designated Delphic Club’ or, (b) to retain direct membership in the IDC after a Pro Tempore Admission at an Entry Level in accordance with standards established by resolution of the Executive Board of the IDC, or in the absence thereof, shall consist of a minimum of:
    • Twenty-Five (25) Individual Members plus one (1) Legal Entity Organization Member for Pro Tempore admission, and
    • Forty (40) Individual Members plus two (2) Legal Entity Organization Members after One (1) year to retain direct Membership
  • Such existing groups may elect to change their name to Delphic Club, or retain their name and be designated a Delphic Club, and be further identified by a geographic area.