Delphic Royal Society (DRS)

Delphic Royal Society (DRS) – Preserving Identity & Cultural Heritage

Traditional leaders came together at Freedom Park Pretoria, South Africa, 2009 to honour Nelson Mandela.

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The Apollo Award – For those supporting EDUCATION on a Global Level

The 9 Muses that inspire Apollo living at Mount Parnassus:
1. Epicourios – The Helpful One
2. Katharsios – The One Eliminating Evil
3. Savior – The One Saving from Evil
4. Alexicacos – The Protector from Harm and Evil
5. Kourotrofos – The Feeder of Children
6. Mousigetis – The Conductor of the Muses
7. Moiragetis – The Leader of the Human Destiny
8. Loxias – The in-charge of the Oracle at Delhi
9. Ecativolos – The one who could throw arrows 100 meters to reach his target

Exceptional Achievements Deserve to be Recognized and Honoured

It is a globally accepted way to honour outstanding talent and achievements in order to make merits visible to the world. Some of the most notable are – the Nobel Prize for scientific achievements and peace, the Right Livelihood Award for human achievements, the Oscars and the Golden Globe Awards for the entertainment industry and many more.

However, till now, an award that felicitates the personalities supporting and sponsoring human values in arts, culture, and education on an international level was missing.

Once the International Delphic Foundation was in function, it was decided to close this gap with the prestigious Apollo Award.

Apollo, the God of beauty, lights, and arts inspires the 21st century with a symbol that encourages mutual respect, love and understanding amongst nations. The award is designed to celebrate achievements in the realms of arts and culture along with the expertise in technical knowledge and modern triumphs.

The award considers the following visions:

1. Excellence in education and innovative ideas
2. Undertaking positive deeds that will benefit the community as a whole
3. Active involvement in compassionately working for bringing nations together
4. Building strong bonds of identity and tradition in our era of globalisation
5. Supporting the conservation of cultural heritage of specific countries

From the 12 categories of recognition, nearly 6 incorporate skill-sets of modern arts, communication, and architecture while others represent a cross-over of cultural boundaries. Every category significantly appreciates the varied cultures of our world.